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Alma Studios, Formally known as Angels Theatre School, was established by Tracey, who has been teaching Classical Theatre, Vocal Coaching, Writing, as well as mentoring, in Surrey since 1994. Tracey’s approach is rooted in Classical Theatre and the tailoring of tutoring needs for every unique individual. She was also a Maverick Award Finalist in 2013, for her work as an Artistic Director! The school has glowing alumni that include actors, writers, and directors, plus a whole raft of successful professionals, such as lawyers, journalists, medics, and teachers, all of whom cite their drama training as fundamental to their career achievements.

Should her Alumni choose the stage, screen, or office, she is clear that her students are not limited to just one string to their bow. They must be exposed to acting, writing, directing, and producing. She aims to create professional, confident, and triumphant individuals, who have the skills to drive forward, no matter their career path. Children are welcome from 5 years and up, although teenagers and adults represent the bulk of our student body, everyone will have a warm welcome onto the team!


Tracey's story

The Birth of Alma Studio's and what I can recall of everything in between.

It was the summer of 1987 and I had just graduated from St Catherine’s Drama studio, which was a beloved second home to me. After a year of "resting", while I did every job know to mankind, finally, I got my first professional gig!
I was princess Aurora, my father the king (which I also played), the fairy godmother, and the princess's dog (which I also played!). What followed was the life of a professional jobbing actress, everything from The Bill to Howard's way! 

Plays I found and then produced with fellow actors and an equity card carved out of smoke mirrors and a magic carpet!
In the words of Elton John- I was still standing.
However, Amid all this glory, I looked up to realize my daughter was now 6, and even though I had queued for three hours with sharpened elbows to secure a cabbage patch doll (on Christmas Eve), I arrived home to my daughter, who didn’t understand the relationship we had!

At this point, I decided to hang up the robes of Thespis and be at home and be well, Mum. In desperate need of income and following my beloved Teacher's advice, I began teaching, and the rest is history.

From then to now, I have produced 22 productions for young people and three professional productions. I have been short-listed for a Maverick award; I poled ahead of the Artistic Director of the English National Ballet (which is hilarious because I’d never even seen a ballet at this point!)

I've also seen one of my actresses win the William Pole competition at the globe with a piece I had set for her. 
A passionate mime artist myself, my professional actors were paid to perform as street performers at the London Olympics. Also, many of my Alumni have appeared on stage in productions such as Les Miserables, Oliver, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Whistle down the wind, and on film In Alpha Male, The Falling, Fly Boys, V for Vendetta, Becoming Jane.

As a LAMDA teacher, my average mark is a distinction.
When all is said and done, the thing that I think I am most proud of is the care and inspiration I’ve given to young people to become professionals in all walks of life: Actors, Journalists, Surgeons, Writers, Musicians.

Two of my most successful Alumni, Jessica, and Henrietta Ashworth are writers with credits on Killing Eve, Fresh Meat, and Tell It To The Bees- which I also worked on, coaching Gregor Selkirk, who was long-listed as best newcomer by the BFI.

I have supported nine young actors in achieving substantial scholarships to prestigious schools, including Frensham hights, Hurtwood house, and Guildford School of Acting. I have corrected lisps, stammers, and eased emotional distress. I have been told on two occasions that I have saved a child's life- do I think that is true? I don’t know, but if I was a part of that journey, I am grateful and proud. 

I don't scare easily. I understand talent, 
Love Auntie Tracey.

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