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Mary Holt

"It gives children the chance to grow, it gives them confidence! Tracy is an amazing teacher, who is loved by all who know her. xx"


Gracie Baldwin 

"Alma has always been such a safe and creative environment where I felt free to express myself and be me without being judged. I gained confidence in my self and my abilities through the amazing teaching of trace, you will find no one better at finding your inner actor. The friendships I have made there and the community that was formed is a part of my life I will cherish forever.  They are and will always be my second family."


Joey Ashworth 

"Inspirational, motivating and exciting, a first-class experience, which not only hones and crafts theatre skills but a so gives a sense of belonging and friendship no matter who you are or what your level of skill is."


Sam Hampshire

"I've been a part of Alma Studios for well over a decade and in that time working with Tracey I have not just been able to massively hone my own acting craft, but also have been given the opportunity to help teach others and to work on my writing skills through working hand in hand with Tracey on a number of occasions, something which I have gone on to study now at University. Most importantly, the personal growth offered by the atmosphere at Alma Studios is something I have never seen or heard of anywhere else, and can help make even the shyest child grow into a confident and accomplished actor."


Mitchell Newland

"This was my first time attending an acting class, and I have really enjoyed my time being at Alma. I have learnt so many new things, such as improving my confidence, being able to improve my acting skills and the ability to work in a group. During my time at Alma, I have made many new friends who I really enjoy working and spending time with. I have learnt to work with new people from many walks of life. Tracey, who runs Alma Studios Theatre School, is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met, and she has helped me with so many things, things I never thought I was capable of. It is something I really recommend. 


Paul Truscott

Every performance I have been to has been enjoyable, interesting and fun for those watching and for those performing. Tracie will often produce these productions in a very short time (week long summer course) yet the result is a tightly knit group of youngsters working together to entertain us simple folk. Well done Tracie and gang and keep it up. Thank you


Jamie Lang

"Since coming here since the age of 8, I am proud to have been part of something so remarkable. Not only has Tracey pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of but has also supported me in during difficult times. I highly recommend Alma!"

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Carla DeBarro

"Fantastic, my child thoroughly enjoys this drama group each week, growing in confidence and such a warm, inviting atmosphere. Trace is an amazing teacher and so passionate and so much experience to give and guide the children"

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Treena Louise 

"My daughter just spent an exhilarating, extravagant and exhausting week preparing for a production of 'A Midsummer Nights Dream'. It's was a magical, fun and fantastical night. Enjoyed by an audience or family, friends and others! Cannot recommend highly enough"

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Mandy Hunt 

"Led by an amazing lady... as a life-coach and tutor, she can't be beaten."

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Rachel Craig

"Since coming here since the age of 8, I am proud to have been part of something so remarkable. Not only has Tracey pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of but has also supported me in during difficult times. I highly recommend Alma!"

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Janine Tijou

"If you want your child to excel and grow in confidence and self-esteem then this is the place to come! Tracey has a unique style of training and brings bundles of experience, fun, and love, the kids build friendships, pass LAMDA exams with flying colours and share memories of a lifetime. I cannot recommend her school to you highly enough. When you join you are welcomed as part of the family and they have lots of fun!"

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Hannah Robertson 

"I cannot speak highly enough of Alma Studios (Angles Theatre School) and coach Tracey Linegar. As a theatre school, they explore different areas of creativity in a nurturing and caring environment, somewhere to learn and develop but also to have fun. Tracey is truly an amazing teacher, pouring huge amounts of energy and time in understanding and encouraging each student as an individual and gently allowing them to explore different areas of theatre/push themselves without feeling overwhelmed. She is a fair, kind and extremely hardworking teacher - never giving up on you and devoting her attention equally to each student, making sure they feel prepared and confident in their performance. I definitely value the opportunities, confidence and skills developed whilst attending Angles Theatre School and would recommend to anyone!"

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Wendy Melton

My daughter has just done her first LAMDA exam with Trace and, oh my goodness, am I glad I saw her advert on FB one day! I feel so lucky that we have found this amazing lady to nurture, encourage, train to an extremely high level and make it all fun at the same time! My daughter did an intensive course to achieve her LAMDA Bronze and enjoyed every minute. Trace is very professional and obviously has a lot of experience teaching and getting children through these exams but my daughter just felt very comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole process because of the way Trace gave her belief in her abilities. I would highly recommend Alma Studios!

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Holly Baker

Alma Studios is amazing and Trace Linegar is such an inspiration. She has helped me many a time, especially when I was at a cross road in my life. Send your children here!!